Top Heavy Metal Reviews of 2013


Here at Metal CallOut we like to share our opinions on different topics in heavy metal. There are been a lot of agrees and disagrees (Top Ten Death Metal Bands) on certain subjects, but neither the less we would like to present to you our Top Heavy Metal Reviews of 2013.


The Best Thrash Metal Albums of All Time

Thrash Metal

The following is a work of opinion, prepare to disagree.


The Case For Taking a Break From Heavy Metal and What To Listen To When You Do

Heavy Metal

After years of being in this game, I listened to a lot MORE metal than I previously thought possible. We get demos and CDs sent to us from all over the world and the amount of metal that’s released every year, from the more well-know artists to small-time local acts putting out CDs, is staggering. No one man could listen to it all. No two men could either.


Death Angel - This Dream Calls for Blood Album Review

Death Angel

‘The Dream Calls For Blood’ is Death Angel’s seventh studio album, which was released on October 11, 2013. It starts out peaceful and serene, but that abruptly transforms with a punch in the face. This album is an in your face, guttural meltdown of vicious tracks.


Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days Album Review


Mercenary formed in Denmark in 1991 and have dabbled in Melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal. Their newest release, ‘Through Our Darkest Days’ is more power metal than anything with overlays of power chords, keyboards and crisp vocals.


Kataklysm - 'Waiting For The End To Come' Album Review


What can you say about Kataklysm? They have been around for the last two decades. They have gone through a couple of heavy metal culture changes and just released their eleventh studio album.


Satyricon - 'Satyricon' Album Review


Black metal has always been dirty, gritty and filthy with crappy vocals and instruments that sound like they are emanating from an aluminum garage. That is what made it different and likable in the dawn of the black metal era in the early 80’s.


Motorhead - 'Aftershock' Album Review


Motorhead’s twenty-first studio album release ‘Aftershock’ sounds pretty much like the twenty albums before it. Now, it could be that only a true Motorhead fan can appreciate the simplicity and repetitiveness that comes along with every release from Motorhead.


Battlecross - War Of Will Album Review


Battlecross actually hail from from the land of Motown and motor cars - that’s Detroit, Michigan for you young folk - which is mind-blowing because they sound like a rhythmic (not melodic) death metal band (is there such a thing?) from the land of Norway.


Carcass - Surgical Steel Album Review


From the beginning, I was thrust back into time alongside a Judas Priest album with the intro ‘1985’ on ‘Surgical Steel’, which is Carcass’s sixth studio release (and first studio release since their 1996 LP ‘Swansong.’). There are a few moments of eighties nostalgia on ‘Surgical Steel’, but they are quickly thrust down the chute of condemnation with the crisp freshness of most of the tracks on this album.


DevilDriver - 'Winter Kills' Album Review


'Winter Kills' is DevilDriver’s six studio album and was released back on August 27, 2013 by Napalm Records. This is the first album to feature the new bassist Christ Towning. The album also features a remake of the electronic band Awolnation.

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