DevilDriver - 'Winter Kills' Album Review


'Winter Kills' is DevilDriver’s six studio album and was released back on August 27, 2013 by Napalm Records. This is the first album to feature the new bassist Christ Towning. The album also features a remake of the electronic band Awolnation. This is a true upgrade from their 2011 release 'Beast'.

Depending on which version you purchased you would have seen an 11 + 2 bonus track album or an 11 + 2 bonus track + DVD. The bonus tracks are whatever and the main track list is where you need to focus on. The two singles the previously release before the release of the album "The Appetite" and "Ruthless" are the two strongest songs on the album.

For the other tracks you will find the same vibe as the past albums, but a more controlled and mature sound. It still feels like the typical DevilDriver album, but much more defined and clean.

Most people have been talking about the remake of the song 'Sail'. It is track 11 on the album and is a remake from the band Awolnation. It was original an electronic rock song and DevilDriver put their style to it. I will say that it sounds nature to them and could be passed off as an original.

Even with the help of having a trendy remake song on their album it didn’t make them climb the chart any higher. For fans of DevilDriver or groove metal, it’s a winner.

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