Top Heavy Metal News of 2013


There has been a lot of exciting news in heavy metal this year. From new albums, tour dates and tracklists, to bands break-ups and playing in Antarctica. There is always something big happening. There are a few things that have stood out from the crowd. Here is a list of the Top 10 Heavy Metal News articles that we have shared with you in 2013.

Free Download of the Day || Water on Mercury- Amphigory

Water on Mercury

Today’s free metal download comes to us from Water on Mercury, a progressive instrumental project from one Tim Gavin, in the same vein as Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, and a bit ‘o Porcupine Tree.


Metallica - 'Through The Never' Tracklist

Water on Mercury

We recently posted the trailer for the new Metallica - Through The Never movie that is coming out on September 27th. The movie will be featuring live performances and narratives on the band's iconography. Today they have announced that they will be releasing a full soundtrack to the movie.


Carcass - 'Surgical Steel' Special Edition Details

Water on Mercury

Carcass' new album entitled 'Surgical Steel' will be hitting stores on September 17th by Nuclear Blast Records. The new album is being released in several collectible editions, the standard Jewel Case, Digipack, Vinyl and Cassette.


Doom:VS 'Earthless' New Album Tracklist and Details

Water on Mercury

The one man band from Doom:VS, Johan Ericson, has announced a new album entitled Earthless. This will be his third full length album following up 'Dead Words Speak'. The new album will contain 6 new songs.


This Metal Tribute To Michael Jackson is Shaping Up To Be Pretty Terrible

Water on Mercury

I like Michael Jackson. I like heavy metal. I do not like the samples I’m hearing on Amazon of the two combined.

The press release called it "one of the most depraved abominations of musical crossbreeding in history".


Mastodon Song In Disney's Pixar New Movie "Monster University"

Water on Mercury

Heavy metal has once again has made it's way into a family film to "corrupt society". Mastodon's song "Island", which comes from their 2004 release 'Leviathan', will appear in the new Disney's Pixar movie Monsters University.


Havok 'Unnatural Selection' New Album Details

Water on Mercury

Havok, the Thrash metal band from Denver, has now released their new album details. Their third studio album will be called 'Unnatural Selection' and will be released on June 25th by Candlelight Records.


Hypocrisy- 'End of Disclosure' Details

Water on Mercury

If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you are either already a Hypocrisy fan or extremely bored, either way you should pick this album up because it sure to be great. If you still need a little more coaxing though, you can check out a couple of teasers and a music video from End of Disclosure.


Powerwolf-‘Preachers of the Night’ Cover Art, Track List

Water on Mercury

This Summer Powerwolf will release their fifth studio album, Preachers of the Night, on Napalm Records. All we know now is that the album is done, the picture above is the art which will appear on its cover, and the official track listing.


Nachtmystium Calls It Quits

Water on Mercury

In a statement on his Facebook page Nachtmystium front man Blake Judd has announced the band is calling it quits.

Today, I turn 31 years old and as a gift to myself, as sad as it makes me to do this, I'm letting go of something that I've put blood, sweat and tears into for the last 13 1/2 years.
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