Sparks' Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2013


In 2013 we didn't see one genre take control as we have seen in the last couple of years. One thing noticed is there wasn't very many Folk metal albums released main stream. If there was one that had the most releases it seem to be the parent genre Death metal. Nevertheless there was more than 12 albums I truly enjoyed this year, but I present to you my Top 12 2013 Heavy Metal Albums.


Satyricon – [Self-Titled]


Genre: Black Metal
Released: September 9th

Satyricon's Self-Titled album is the only black metal album that made it on my list this year. The album has that classic Norwegian Black Metal sound that you would expect, plus they had special guest Sivert Høyem (Madrugada) for the lead vocals and the Norwegian National Opera Chorus for the song "Phoenix". For a full relapse of their release read our full Album Review.

Best Songs: Phoenix, Our World, It Rumbles Tonight, Natt


Carcass – Surgical Steel


Genre: Death Metal
Released: September 13th

A straight up in your face Death metal album. They give you everything you would expect in a death metal. I'm not going to give you my spill on the album you can read Darlene's full album Review for Surgical Steel. It was one of her favorite albums she reviewed this year.

Best Songs: 1985, 316L Grade Surgical, The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills


Amorphis – Circle


Genre: Progressive Metal
Released: April 19th

Amorphis' new album Circle has basically pick up where their previous album 'The Beginning Of Times' left off. You will find the same type of sound and attitude in the new album. This album is one you can put on and just take in. They have found something that work perfect to their personalities and they are going to the top.

Best Songs: The Wanderer, Nightbird's Song, Enchanted By The Moon


Battlecross – War Of Will


Genre: Thrash Metal
Released: July 9th

I haven't been much of a Battlecross fan in the past, but their album 'War Of Will' is damn good. The guitar riffs are on spot and the fast strong drum beats just bring it all together. After this album I am now more aware of what Battlecross is capable of and will be watching out for more in the future.

Best Songs: Force Fed Lies, Get Over It, Never Coming Back


Kataklysm - Waiting For The End To Come' Album


Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Released: October 29th

After two decades Kataklysm is still going strong and they still have a huge fan base to answer to. This album was a call just to the Kataklsym fans. If you are not a fan of their style, you probably won't dig it. If you are, you will be satisfied and please with the result. The album offers their classic new age sound and new inspirations. You can hear some teaser tracks from the album in my full Album Review

Best Songs: Elevate, The Darkest Days Of Slumber, Like Animals


Hypocrisy – End of Disclosure


Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Released: March 12th

I'm not sure what is in Hypocrisy's music, but they constantly make it to my top album lists in my music library. 'End Of Disclosure' gives you solid melodic death metal, but also has some tastes of trash metal. I will admit this is one album you have to listen to multiple times to bring it all in.

Best Songs: 44 Double Zero, Soldier Of Fortune, End Of Disclosure


Dark Tranquillity – Construct

Dark Tranquillity

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Released: May 27th

It was going to be a hard task for Dark Tranquillity to release an album as good as their 2010 album 'We Are The Void'. In my opinion, it fell short compared to the previous album, but is still a strong Dark Tranquillity album and there for has made it to number five on my list. Make sure you check them out this coming year on tour with Omnium Gatherum.

Best Songs: The Silence In Between, The Science Of Noise, Apathetic


DevilDriver – Winter Kills


Genre: Groove Metal
Released: August 27th

We all know that DevilDriver's last couple of albums haven't been up to par what you would expect from DevilDriver. But I will say that this latest album 'Winter Kills' is in the right direction. As each album gets released there is more of a clean and polish musician behind the music. If you are interested you can check out my full Review for Winter Kills.

Best Songs: The Appetite, Ruthless, Sail


Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods

Amon Amarth

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Released: June 25th

Has there really ever been a bad Amon Amarth album? Other might disagree, but for their 2013 release of Deceiver of the Gods, it is far from being in a bad list. It has what you would find in an Amon Amarth album. Deep growls, heavy bass and a fast tempo, plus the songs are about Vikings, you can't ask for much more.

Best Songs: Shape Shifter, As Loke Falls, Under Siege


Black Sabbath – 13

Black Sabbath

Genre: Traditional Metal
Released: June 11th

If we had an award for comeback album of the year. Well here you have it. Black Sabbath's '13' is not only a master piece, but it shows you no matter how old you get, you can always bring the metal. This album does not only apply to the original Black Sabbath fans, but to the new generation of heavy metal fans as well.

Best Songs: God Is Dead?, Live Forever, Loner


Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed


Genre: Thrash Metal
Released: October 29th

If you want some great dark thrash metal, Skeletonwitch's new album Serpents Unleashed is right up your alley. You will find fast guitar riffs, high pitch screams and laying down some double bass. This is one of the best album they have released to date. One thing you will notice is that it tears out of the gate the very first song you play.

Best Songs: From a Cloudless Sky, Serpents Unleashed, The Evil Embrace


Omnium Gatherum – Beyond

Omnium Gatherum

Genre: Death Metal
Released: February 25th

For my top album of the year goes to Omnium Gatherum's 'Beyond'. Most people will disagree with me, but this album is a perfect example of clean polished melodic death metal. It has the deep distortion, powerful growls in their vocals and full enrich sound. Their new album has pushed some new styles of music for Omnium Gatherum,  but still gives you the classic sound that they are known for.

Best Songs: New Dynamic, The Unknowing, Formidable


Did I miss an album? Let us know what you favorite 2013 albums were this year.

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