Ask MCO: What’s In the Bag?!


Q: Seriously, what’s in the bag?

A: For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching Metallica’s fictionalized concert movie, Through the Never, this question won’t make much sense. For those who have, the frustration expressed by Anthony here is probably all too familiar.

Throughout the narrative portion of the film actor Dane DeHaan, playing a stage tech called Trip, is sent on a mission to retrieve a bag of great importance for Metallica. Along his journey he encounters a zombie hordes, masked, murderous horsemen, and end-of-world scenarios galore but returns victoriously bag in hand-- the contents of which we never see and are greatly debated.

At the end of the showing I attended some magnificent bastard speculated it might be tampons for Lars. Besides that I’ve heard sunglasses, beer, the head of Dave Mustaine, a new album, etc. We just don’t know. 

And it’s kept us up nights...

Recently I’ve found solace in a theory, which appeared on a random Metallica forum shortly after the movie’s release, suggesting it had something to do with Cliff. Hence the contemplative Orion jam at the end. Like his soul, which is always, or should always be with the band-- and that it was in the end made the entire epic journey of the movie’s young hero worth it. I’ll let you check it out for yourself here.


What do you, dear readers think was in the bag? The comments section is yours. 


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