12 Days of Heavy Metal Christmas || Day 8- Opinions


In 2011 Metal Call Out gave to me… 8 heavy metal reviews.

I’m not sure if this should be a point of pride or embarrassment but this year Metal Call Out brought you eight reviews, six for new albums and two of live performances. Of those reviewed our absolute favorites have to be the two unsigned band EPs Terres de Sang and Vengeance from Catuvolcus and Visigoth respectively. To check out all our reviews use the handy “Reviews” tab above.

Next year’s resolution: more reviews!

Check back tomorrow and see what the ninth day of heavy metal Christmas brings!

In 2011 heavy metal gave to me:
8 great reviews,
7 years without a Wintersun album,
6 less posts a day about Mike Portnoy,
5 lords of local metal,
A big 4 of thrash tour,
3 chances to win cool swag,
2 years online,
And a Morbid Angel Controversy

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