Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days Album Review


Good music evokes emotion, which is exactly what Mercenary’s latest release does.

Mercenary formed in Denmark in 1991 and have dabbled in Melodic Death Metal and Thrash Metal. Their newest release, ‘Through Our Darkest Days’ is more power metal than anything with overlays of power chords, keyboards and crisp vocals.

Good music evokes emotion, which is exactly what Mercenary’s latest release does. Each track on this album is more gripping than the next with positive messages intertwined in melodic harmonies. This is definitely a feel good album, refreshing in the day and age of death, destruction and mayhem in the metal music world. 

The album starts with a classic melody of rhythm guitar and anthem like lyrics that expand into complex bridges and leads. “We’ll never surrender!” is the anthem to this catchy song and the songs get more interesting as the album progresses. 

‘A Moment Of Clarity’ went back in time to the rolling credits of an Eighties-esque futuristic type movie with an uninhabited land teeming with other worldly creatures. The keyboards co-existing with solid and exceptional leads are impressive. 

The title track, ‘Through Our Darkest Days,’ consists of harmonious choruses that break up evocative verses along with a killer guitar solo roughly three minutes into the song. Even if you are not much for guitar solos, this one is good and worth checking out. 

If you are looking for something fresh and thought provoking to add to your music collection, pick up ‘Through Our Darkest Days,’ and prepare to feel inspired.

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