Carcass - Surgical Steel Album Review


A brilliant masterpiece of dangerous metal brilliance

From the beginning, I was thrust back into time alongside a Judas Priest album with the intro ‘1985’ on ‘Surgical Steel’, which is Carcass’s sixth studio release (and first studio release since their 1996 LP ‘Swansong.’). There are a few moments of eighties nostalgia on ‘Surgical Steel’, but they are quickly thrust down the chute of condemnation with the crisp freshness of most of the tracks on this album.

This makes sense, since Carcass formed in England in 1985 as the band Disattack. They disbanded a little over ten years later and reformed again in 2007, minus the original drummer, Ken Owen. Apparently, none of these woes affected the bands ability to construct fine musical genius.

Each song, well crafted with hooks and changes at every turn, leaves you in a state of anticipation for the next track. A lot of bands kind of start to fall down the slide after climbing to the top of the heavy metal ladder, but this album is some of Carcass’s best work.

Tracks like; ‘316L Grade Surgical Steel’ are almost catchy, which is a little over the top since Carcass has never been known for being hip and groovy. However, this song pounded my face in from the start (I am still healing from the carnage) with the amazing intro and a gripping hook.

If you are more into a melodic, soothing type of music, ‘Non-Compliance to ASTM F 899-12 Standard’ will be right up your dark, murderous alley for about twenty seconds and then like a nail-infested pipe bomb, will decimate your ears. That sounds painful, but like a tattoo, there is beauty in this pain.

The album wraps up with the longest song ‘Mount of Execution,’ a melodious, acoustic intro followed by an enthralling mix of vocals wrapped in riveting leads.
Go get this album and love it for all that it is: a brilliant masterpiece of dangerous metal brilliance.

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