Death Angel - This Dream Calls for Blood Album Review


This album is an in your face, guttural meltdown of vicious tracks.

‘The Dream Calls For Blood’ is Death Angel’s seventh studio album, which was released on October 11, 2013. It starts out peaceful and serene, but that abruptly transforms with a punch in the face. This album is an in your face, guttural meltdown of vicious tracks. 

The title track is Track Four and is intelligently placed in the album lineup. Many times a band will list the title track as Track One and on releases like that, many times the album falters. Death Angel mixes up the tempo of this album with songs like ‘Execution – Don’t Save Me’, which is acoustic in nature and has the right amount of sorrow to take a deep breath and start the mayhem over again. 

‘Detonate’ starts out as instrumental beauty and then becomes a sort of anthem for anyone frustrated with life. Mark Osegueda belts it out with rage as he sings about getting ready to blow up. This is definitely a catchy tune with guitar bridges surrounding awesome falsetto tenor screaming. 

Now, this kind of music is not dead, but it does have some eighties overtones to almost every song. This is cool for old heads that want to live in the days of slightly poofy hair and tight pants, but for the newer music lover, this album might be a bit of a try.

Give it a listen and if it does not settle with you, give it a couple more. Well produced, this album oozes with many remnants of musical shrewdness that travel a road of wild emotion. It is up and down and hits all the necessary nooks and crannies to make this a great release after being in hiatus for three years.

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