12 Days of Heavy Metal Christmas || Day 12- The End and The Beginning


In 2011 heavy metal gave to me… 12 months of heavy metal!

This year’s coming to a close but another, brand new one awaits us on the other side of just over a week. It’s another year that will undoubtedly be filled with giveaways, lists, good news and bad, new musical gems to discover together, and old classics to revisit.  

From all of us here at Metal Call Out we wish you peace and happiness during this season, no matter what it is you believe or celebrate. Thank you for your support, or detraction, which ever you sent our way this year, it made us stronger.

Hails and horns! 

Next week: The Metal Call Out awards! 

In 2011 heavy metal gave to me:
11 not-so-great albums,
10 great albums,
9 more posts a day about Mike Mangini,
8 reviews,
7 years without a Wintersun album,
6 less posts a day about Mike Portnoy,
5 lords of local metal,
A big 4 of thrash tour,\
3 chances to win cool swag,
2 years online,
And a Morbid Angel Controversy

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