12 Days of Heavy Metal Christmas || Day 1- Controversy


In 2011 heavy metal gave to me… a Morbid Angel controversy.

Of all the things that took place this year in the metalsphere, none were cause for as much ruckus and commentating as Morbid Angel's new album, Illud Divinum Insanus. Blogs, forums, and comments sections all over the web lit the fuck up when the record dropped and fans got a taste of an unfamiliar, nu-metal Morbid Angel.  To make matters worse the band was less than graceful when fielding questions about their change in style or responding to critics. Soon RIP Morbid Angel Facebook pages started to appear and even Hitler came back from the grave to comment.

2011 will surly be remembered as the year of the great Morbid Angel travesty.

Come back tomorrow and see what the second day of Christmas brings.  

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