12 Days of Heavy Metal Christmas || Day 9- Mangini


In 2011 heavy metal gave to me… 9 more posts a day about Mike Mangini.

If you played a drinking game in which every time Mike Mangini made a statement to some news outlet about how much he loves being in Dream Theater or how accepting the fans have been, et al, et cetera you would have spent the majority of 2011 in a drunken stupor. Unfortunately for Mike Mangini and Dream Theater everyone stopped caring around May 1st, two days after the announcement he would be joining the band. If you type “Mike Mangini Dream Theater” into Google it returns about 43,000 results all of which are Mangini being smug in someway and going on about how he was destined to be in Dream Theater or some similar shit. 

We get it: Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater, Mike Mangini joined. Mangini is really happy he’s in Dream Theater.

I’ll be passing around a resolution to metal news outlets at the first on the year in which I hope they all pledge to stop giving these assholes ink.

Check back tomorrow and see what the tenth day of heavy metal Christmas brings!

In 2011 heavy metal gave to me:
9 posts a day about Mike Mangini,
8 great reviews,
7 years without a Wintersun album,
6 less posts a day about Mike Portnoy,
5 lords of local metal,
A big 4 of thrash tour,
3 chances to win cool swag,
2 years online,
And a Morbid Angel Controversy

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