Review || Catuvolcus- Terres de Sang E.P.


I’ve wanted to hear Catuvolcus Terres de Sang E.P. ever since I saw a trailer video someone posted on Facebook randomly a few months back. I got my chance this week after talking to some unknown member of the band via email and had it sent to me. Since then I’ve been floored and even now I’m writing this review in the prone position.

Terres de Sang is a perfect example of everything that is RIGHT with the modern black metal scene. Blending complex Gaulish (Gallic?) folk melodies over aggressive blast beats and guitars, Catuvolcus emerges from a swamp of otherwise redundant metal and shines through. Nearly every aggressive passage is answered in turn by an acoustic selection or herculean melody that sends the mind of the listener to a time of ancient battles, victories, and oft-lugubrious defeats.  From bellicose beginning to the decidedly epic and resounding finish, Terres de Sang plays like a threnody of a past brimming with heroes and tales woven in myth.

Clocking in at 6 tracks less than 30 minutes total, Terres de Sang, is a little EP with a huge heart you’d be remiss in passing it up. For a time you can pick it up directly from the band for just ten bucks at this location.

Overall: 89/100

Average: 5 (5 votes)

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