12 Days of heavy Metal Christmas || Day 6- Portnoy


In 2011 heavy metal gave to me… 6 less post a day about Mike Portnoy.

Last year the news was absolutely dominated by Mike Portnoy, his collaboration with Avenged Sevenfold, and his eventual departure from Dream Theater. When I say dominated I mean you couldn’t go to a single heavy metal news site (save for this one) without running into multiple posts about it all in a day. Some of the webs more serious offenders include Blabbermouth and MetalSucks who seemed to have very little else to say besides “Oh my God, Portnoy… something, something” ad nauseum. I’m glad, and I think most of you agree, that we got a break from that this year.

Unfortunately, as you will be reminded of in the coming days, there was another Mike that got more than his fair share of attention this year.  Who is it? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Come on back tomorrow and see what the seventh day of heavy metal Christmas brings!

In 2011 heavy metal gave to me:
6 less posts a day about Mike Portnoy,
5 lords of metal,
A big 4 of thrash tour,
3 chances to win cool swag,
2 years online,
And a Morbid Angel Controversy

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