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Visigoth’s demo, Vengeance, first made it’s way into my hands by way of a link to download from their vocalist, Jake Rogers (also of Gallowbraid), a local Utah musician and friend who I’m assuming must have known my affinity for Heavy Metal of the traditional discipline.  Since that day weeks have gone by and I’ve been jamming the shit out of this demo like it’ll going to self-destruct if I don’t keep it spinning... 


(See: Speed)

Born of a genuine admiration and appreciation of the golden age of Heavy Metal, Visigoth delivers a bombastic debut effort completely devoid of the novelty trappings that sometimes come with acts like this.  Vocalist Jake Rogers pipes soar over heroic meat and potatoes riffs delivered with skill and precision by guitarists Jamison Palmer and Leeland Campana.  Meaty hooks and catchy passages are abound in this demo and, dammit, if it doesn’t get your blood flowing and head banging by the first chorus of the first song, Sing For The Fallen, you may want to have your vitals checked.

One of the best ways you could kick off this new year is by downloading Visigoth’s Vengeance demo, cranking up your speakers, and returning, at least in spirit, to the glory days of traditional metal. Enjoy! 


"We are the iron brotherhood!"

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