12 days of Heavy Metal Christmas || Day 7- Where the Fuck is Time?!


In 2011 heavy metal gave to me…7 years without a new Wintersun album. 

2011 is the seventh year since Wintersun released their self-titled debut and about the third or fourth they said they’d release it’s follow up, Time. Time, quickly becoming this decade and Wintersun’s Chinese Democracy, was started way back in 2006 but continuing computer and personal problems have set it back significantly. Last I heard the project is on hold.

Will Time ever see the light of day or will the album and our excitement for it fade and become a thing of myth? It’s anyone’s guess.

Come back tomorrow and see what the eighth day of heavy metal Christmas brings!

In 2011 heavy metal gave to me:
7 years without a Wintersun album,
6 less posts a day about Mike Portnoy,
5 lords of metal,
A big 4 of thrash tour,
3 chances to win cool swag,
2 years online,
And a Morbid Angel Controversy

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