Darlene's Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2013


What’s up metal heads? It has been a crazy year for metal worldwide for sure. With all the new bands, old bands and those bands in between, there has been much listening material for even the most meticulous metal freak. Metal Callout thought it would be fun to do some top album lists and this will be my first one ever. So buckle up and grab your favorite beverage while you read the best of the best in metal for 2013 (in no particular order – that is too mind bending), according to Darlene.

*Cue cheesy guitar riff*


10. Diabolical – Neogenesis


Release Date – September 27th

The band hails from Sweden and delivers a cosmic, guttural sound only a fan of creepy black metal infused with a hint of death metal could love. This album made my list because despite the brutality of the music, there are amazing bridges on this album that any troll would love.


9. Weekend Nachos – Still

Weekend Nachos

Release Date – November 11th

Remember the days of short little songs packed with thrashy goodness? Well, as a huge thrash metal fan, I certainly remember. Weekend Nachos delivered a catchy album, less than thirty minutes long, with the release of ‘Still.’


8. Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood

Death Angel

Release Date – October 11th

Lots of screaming, lots of brutal guitar riffs and vocals I could understand got this album on my list. This is definitely music to listen to if your especially angry or realized there is no morning coffee! Seriously, great album.

Best song – Son of the Morning


7. Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness

Toxic Holocaust

Release Date – October 29th

Toxic Holocaust made the cover of Decibel Magazine this year, which made me happy because I reviewed their album for Metal Callout. Yay me. This album is amazing because it has lots of growling and righteous speed. Do not drive when listening to this album. You have been fairly warned.

Best song – Salvation is Waiting


6. Battlecross – War Of Will


Release date – July 9th

Growling, satanic voice changes and speedy instruments helped this album get on my 2013 Best Of list. Yet another album to refrain from while driving (personal experience), this is necessary for any heavy metal lover’s collection.


5. Huntress – Starbound Beast


Release Date – June 28th

Jill Janus has vocal chops that could soothe a cave dwelling mad man. This album is bursting with talent and epic screams! It is always refreshing to see a front woman in metal because there just aren’t enough. This album is very eighties-esque. Loved it.


4. DevilDriver – Winter Kills


Release Date – August 27th

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dez Fafara this year and that put a completely new spin on the album for me. This album is everything a DevilDriver fan would expect with a pinch more. Their cover of ‘Sail’ by Awol Nation was stellar, but nothing in comparison to the rest of the killer tracks on this release.

Best song – Curses and Epitaphs


3. Deicide – In the Minds of Evil


Release Date – November 26th

I don’t know how to sum up brutal in two sentences or more, but here goes:

This album starts with a spoken line – “Some men, just want to watch the world burn.” The album pretty much burned my ears into a pool of happy puddles. Ok, that doesn’t make sense but hopefully you get my gist. Epic fail on the summary of brutal, but this album is and I am glad I had the opportunity to listen!

Best song – Godkill


2. Human Improvement Process – Deafening Dissonant Millennium

Human Improvement Process

Release Date – September 10th

I threw one in there for the kids… this album is of the newer metal sound with brutal vocals that morph into singing/screaming with that happy sounding guitar echoing in the background. The truth is, I enjoyed this album and while that may be shameful, I have to get it out there.


1. Carcass – Surgical Steel


Release Date – October 18th

I saved the best for last and, although the previous nine are in no particular order, this is by far my pick for Best Album of 2013.
I loved that the intro was titled ‘1985’ and sounded exactly like something on an Iron Maiden or Triumph album. Note: 1985 is the year the band was founded. The album is mastered beautifully with a perfect amount of mixed tempos and angry demon vocals.

Best song – ‘316L Grade Surgical Steel’


** An honrable mention goes to Motorhead for 'Aftershock' only because it's Lemmy, it's Motorhead and I have to do the right thing.



Did I miss anyone on your 2013 Top Ten?  Chime in at the comments section. 

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