The New Opeth Album is Streaming Today


The new Opeth album is available to listen to via streaming at [].  The new album is entitled 'Pale Communion' and is set to release next week on August 26th.  

Mikael Åkerfeldt, lead man from Opeth had this to say about the new album:

The best way for me to write is always to just write the stuff that I want to hear myself.  I'm pretty headstrong, so a few negative reactions to 'Heritage' didn't push me in any way. That album started something new.

Opeth - Pale Communion Tracklisting

01 Eternal Rains Will Come
02 Cusp of Eternity
03 Moon Above, Sun Below
04 Elysian Woes
05 Goblin (instrumental)
06 River
07 Voice of Treason
08 Faith in Others  

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