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I’m getting old. Old-er, anyway. I no longer push and sway to get to the front of the stage when a band I like is playing. I’m happier in the back, usually by the bar, enjoying the music without being touched by dozens of sweaty body parts not belonging to me. I like my metal with some teeth and could do with out the cross-pollination of genres that seems to be the “thing” today. I am “that guy”. So do keep that in mind when I say I had very little to no interest what so ever in the new Opeth album. The acoustic, proggy stuff on their old albums is an awesome addition to the metal. Not the other way around. Savvy?

Enter Heritage. 

Putting my reservations aside in the name of science, I gave Heritage a try though. It’s not a bad album, for what it is, but just not my cup of tea. Add that to the seeming lack of direction and that it almost put me to sleep, and I’m back to being uninterested. See Opeth ditched the metal, the growls, and the ferocity, and wrote a pure prog effort. Apparently front man Åkerfeldt got “bored” with metal of the extreme variety. We’ve all been there, Mikael. This will, no doubt, piss some people off. I think we’ll find others (read: prog-nerds) hanging onto the proverbial nut sack of the band with even more ferocity than before, and others, like myself, who just don’t really care. I don’t feel betrayed by the band, it’s fucking Opeth, this is just where they were going. For all we know they could be back in two years with another Blackwater Park. That’d be sweet.

Anyway, for those interested, is streaming Heritage in it’s entirety, probably in response to the recent leak, so head on over there and check it out. I think I’ll hang back though, listen to something else today. 

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