First Taste of The New Obituary Album 'Inked In Blood'


Who is ready for Obituary ninth studio album?  You can get your first taste on how the album is forming up below with their 'Inked In Blood' trailer.  The new album will be out on October 28th, 2014 via Relapse Records.  This is their first release in five years, that's right since 'Darkest Day'.

Obituary - Inked In Blood

Obituary - Inked In Blood Track Listing:

01. Centuries Of Lies
02. Violent By Nature
03. Pain Inside
04. Visions In My Head
05. Back On Top
06. Violence
07. Inked In Blood
08. Deny You
09. Within A Dying Breed
10. Minds Of The World
11. Out Of Blood
12. Paralyzed With Fear

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