To 2011 and Beyond... Happy Holidays from Metal Call-Out


Well kids, our regular posting for 2010 is just about come to an end. Expect some top ten lists to trickle through and the occasional classic and/or holiday themed video but otherwise we’ll be off spending time with our families, playing video games, and eating giant turkey legs.  Stay safe this holiday season and whatever you celebrate (Kwanza, Christmas, X-mas, Solstice, et al) enjoy yourselves. We look forward to servicing your metal needs in 2011 and beyond. Huzzah! 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a few inches of page to thank all those around the world who  have spent time creating and contributing to our wiki, reading the site, leaving your comments, lurking about, sending us emails and news tips, and supporting metal. You, ladies and gentlemen, are the best. \m/

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