Drudkh- New Album Details Revealed


Happy Tuesday everyone! In case you missed us on Monday and wondered what was going on, we took the day off and extended the holiday with hamburgers, frozen custard and sitting around in the yard saying ‘yup’ like a bunch of rednecks. While we were off, the rest of the metal world didn’t take a break and now we have much to catch up on. It will take the better part of today and probably tomorrow to do so, so let’s begin with some unexpected Drudkh news. 

In the past month or two and more recently the past weeks, Season of Mist, Drudkh’s record label has been reprinting, remastering and rereleasing the band’s back catalogue with tons of extras in box sets and digipacks galore. Having done all this, Season of Mist then announced that the band would be releasing a brand new full-length on September 20 titled Handful of Stars.  The album, like its predecessor Microcosmos, will be available in a limited edition box set and digipack. More news is expected to follow soon. 

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