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Omnium Gatherum’s The Redshift album was one of my favorite records of ’08-’09 so naturally I was pretty stoked when they announced they’d be releasing a new record, New World Shadows, in 2011. As if some new music from one of the best melodic death metal outfits wasn’t enough, the pot’s been sweetened with the recent announcement that Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Novembers Doom) and Nillo Sevänen (Isnomnium) will be contributing vocals on the  forthcoming album...

On New World Shadows the band commented;

“This time we really put a lot of time and effort on the pre-production of the stuff.  It’s going to be an epic and massive attack of ever-flowing stream of Finnish ‘melodic death metal,’ straight from the souls of black.”

New World Shadows track listing: 

01. Everfields 
02. Ego 
03. New World Shadows 
04. Soul Journeys 
05. Nova Flame 
06. An Infinite Mind 
07. Watcher Of The Skies 
08. The Distance 
09. Deep Cold 

New World Shadows is set to drop March 1, 2011 on Lifeforce Records. 

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