The Launch of the Official Metal Call-Out WebStore


Good news, merch maniacs! Metal Call-Out has teamed up with Backstreet Merch to open up our very own online store. To get there, simply follow the link at the top of the page that says “store” and get your holiday shopping on. Nothing quite says Happy Christmas/Kwanza/Chanukah/Whatever like a Slayer shirt for mom, Epica chain wallet for day, or Metallica onesie for that new little addition in your life.* All the merchandise is officially licensed, ships pretty quick (7-10 days by owl... possibly UPS, I’m fuzzy on the details). The prices and selection are hard to beat with over 30,000 products to choose from, most in the $15-25 range. What cha waiting for? Go! Shop!  

Also, due to overwhelming demand, we’ll be adding our own (possibly LOTR inspired) Metal Call-Out merch to the store soon so you can stop getting scammed by those pesky Nigerians who claim they’ll send you a shirt if you can help them move some of their dead relatives cash. Or imagine no more sleepless nights worrying if that MCO lingerie set your ordered from ebay was real (it wasn’t). 

*We are not currently offering Epica chain wallets or Metallica onesies. That would be cool though. 

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