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Good morning fellow metal-heads and loyal readers!  I bring to you today news so spectacular and overwhelming, you might want to take a seat to read it.  That is, if for some reason you stand whilst at the computer.

I was doing the usual morning MySpace check and it would seem that... 1990’s pop sensation Hanson will be returning with a new album!  I completely forgot about them, but remembered clips from my youth of some indecipherable lyrics being sung while three beautiful girls roller bladed around on MTV.  But wait--after some digging, I realized that this latest development is actually a tragedy, because the three little girls grew up to be men, and the Hanson Brothers are not making a return.  They have in fact, been pumping out albums for the last decade in relative obscurity, and this next album is a fleeting attempt to re-up their previous success.  Sad stuff.

What has this got to do with metal you ask?  Well, absolutely nothing except it’s yet again a slow news day and I felt compelled to share.  Today’s headlines are being dominated by the death of Type O Negative's frontman, Peter Steele.  While it’s sad anytime someone in the community passes away, we have never made mention of Type O Negative on the site before, so right now, nor in this context, is the time to do so.  If you want to hear what every metal musician has commented on his untimely death, you can visit blabbermouth.

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