As The Day Breaks... Skiltron- Full Album Download


It’s true, we didn’t announce the winner of March’s contest yesterday, but just hold on to your horses because I think I might get around to it today.

In other news: Skyfoger wannabe band, Skiltron announced that they had re-recorded their 2006 album, ‘The Clans Have United’ and made it available for free download along with their most recent album, 2008’s 'Beheading The Liars'.  So if you're at all interested you can go here and here for those albums or to save yourself some time, visit their myspace here, and not download anything.  Come on, you know your iTunes is getting a little cluttered, the last thing you need in there is another band that wears kilts and sings about sailing the fjords.  Skiltron is from Argentina by the way, so the celtic thing really makes no sense.

Check back, because later today we will have a news from both from Ov Hell and Hail the Villain (who?).  In the mean time, why don’t you take a stroll through the forum and commiserate with your fellow metal-heads?

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