Ozzy Osbourne Confirms His Contribution on Next Jonas Brothers Album


Earlier today MTV news reported--and Osbourne’s reps confirmed--that he has indeed contributed vocals to the upcoming Jonas Brother's album “Want to Be”, which should hit stores mid-summer.  Disney announced the album release early this morning on their DisneyAM television program.  After the announcement Ozzy told MTV: “I was a little in shock but really excited when the Jonas Brothers representative called me up and just said ‘Hey, the Jonas Brothers want to do a song with you’, Man, I didn’t have to really think about it. ‘Bloody hell alright!!!’ I yelled over the phone.  It’s not every day someone like me gets the opportunity to work with artists as up and coming as the Jonas Brothers”.  Thus far, known tracks that Ozzy will appear on are titled “Poison Blush” and “ It’s April Baby, Do You Feel A Fool?”.

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