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Every once in a while we like to lend a helping hand to a yet-to-be-discovered band out there in the metal sphere.  There is a lot of crap one would have to go through if one wanted to find one such gem, and that's why we started the Shiny Pennies editorial.  Occasionally on very slow news days such as today, I don’t mind breaking the usual Friday tradition and will feature our Shiny Penny on another day.  Like Wednesday.

I found today’s Shiny Penny whilst digging through the barren cesspool wastelands of MySpace.  Going by the name of Excrecor, this New Hampshire melodic death metal band has been around since 2000, but due to a plethora of lineup issues, they haven't released a full-length album yet.  On their myspace you can hear a few rough cuts of tracks planned for an album release sometime this year.  As of today, you can also find a complete track titled ‘Parallel Harmonic Synchronicity’ on there as well.  This was the track that sparked my interest in the band and the reason for my ultimate decision to share them with you.  Go check them out, befriend them, and come on back to tell us what you think.  As soon as we hear more information on the subject of a full-length album, we'll let you know.

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