Darkthrone To Release 'Circle The Wagons'


Norwegian black metal duo, Darkthrone announced today that they would be releasing a new album titled 'Circle The Wagons'. 'Circle The Wagons', the legendary bands fourteenth studio album, will be released on Peaceville Records. The album will be available to pre-order February 12th, the vinyl edition shipping on March 8th followed by the album on CD April 6th. The cover art comes again from Dennis Dread, who took on art duties for Darkthrone albums 'F.O.A.D'. and 2008's 'Dark Thrones and Black Flags'.  About the title of the album Fenriz has said the following; “The new metal decade starts with our album.  It is a message to the invaders of our metal domain to circle their wagons!  With our own brand of heavy metal/speed metal-punk we are a constant ambush on the modern overground metal traitors.  Join us in our fight against instant gratification, and let's see who stands when the smoke clears.”.  Indeed. You can find information about 'Circle The Wagons' and other Darkthrone albums on their myspace.  'Circle The Wagons' track list.

01. Those Treasures Will Never Befall You

02. Running For Borders

03. I Am The Graves Of The 80s

04. Stylized Corpse

05. Circle The Wagons

06. Black Mountain Totem

07. I Am The Working Class

08. Eyes Burst At Dawn

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