Heavy Metal Albums Every Fan Should Own || #3: Darkthrone- Transilvanian Hunger


This is THE genre defining black metal album. 

 Presumably recorded in a cold, Norwegian cave sometime in 1993, "Transilvanian Hunger", Darkthrone’s fourth full-length release is oft heralded as the greatest black metal album of all time. I’m inclined to agree.

"Transilvanian Hunger" is the fount from which black metal, as we know it today, runs.  "Transilvanian Hunger" is ever imitated, never duplicated, and has stood the test of nearly 20 years. The opening track, my personal favorite, is the scale on which I’ve weighed every piece of black metal I’ve heard since.

The astounding and long-lasting influence, the near perfection of everything from cover art to frigid production, and genre-defining, standard setting of this record make Transilvanian Hunger an easy choice of a heavy metal album every fan should own.

Next time on Heavy Metal Albums Every Fan Should Own…we don our leathers and scream ‘Vengeance!’

Can you guess what’s next time on HMAEFSO?

Note to readers: As HMAEFSO is an ongoing column, feel free to let us know what albums you’d like to see on the list and why in the comments section below.

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