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Today I compiled a list of ten prominent heavy metal sub-genres, which I intend to go through one by one. Each week I will choose the best album from each genre. Some that I choose will be the classics, while others may be something you didn’t know you didn’t know. But I need your input as well, dear readers, because I wish to compile a massive, all-inclusive list of my picks and yours!

Warning: these picks are subjective, prepare to disagree!

Get your friends involved, tweet, Facebook, or comment your responses, however you’d like, and at the end of ten weeks we’ll assemble each response for each genre and announce the top picks. Feel free to expound on your choices, bribe others to vote as you did, enlist all your buddies to vote with you, etc. For the duration of this process you are free to vote on any of the genres posted, change your vote, or suggest new bands/albums.  This is your chance to sound off and be heard, take it.

This week: the best black metal album of all time. I’ll go first. 

Darkthrone- Transilvanian Hunger

This is my go to album. For those wishing to know more about black metal or just getting into it, Transilvanian Hunger is always the first album I direct them too. It’s not the first black metal album ever made, nor is Darkthrone as a whole my favorite band in the genre (that honor belongs to the mighty Immortal) but I think this album is it on a stick. The atmosphere, lyrics, production, and general attitude of this record perfectly define (for me, at least) black metal.

Sound off, the comments section is yours. Agree Transilvanian Hunger is it? What is your favorite black metal album? Why?

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