Shiny Pennies || Woe - Solitude


  • Artist: Woe
  • Title: Solitude
  • Album: A Spell For The Death Of Man
  • Year: 2008
  • Length: 8:56 minutes (20.5 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

We wanted to try and do something new today so here goes: There is a sonic sewer out in the metal sphere, (true of all music genres), and almost everyday I wade through the said sewer in search of musical gold--shiny pennies. I definitely don't find one a day, hell, I'm lucky to clear one a week. But when I do, I want to share that with you. To sum up, I wade through shit and you get the benefits. The benefits being some really good (or at least really decent) local or underground bands who will also be getting a little love and (hopefully) everyone is happy. If you are in a band, manage a band or know of a band that you think is a ‘Shiny Penny’ contact us.

Now our first Shiny Penny, Woe. I didn’t really pay attention to where I discovered Woe, but they stuck out like.... well, a shiny penny in a sewer. Woe’s first full length album, ‘A Spell for the Death of Man’ (2008) is an atmospheric journey of honest and powerful black metal in a similar vein as fellow USBM band Wolves In The Throne Room. Click play above to hear the track ‘Solitude’ from ‘A Spell for the Death Of Man’ and visit their myspace.

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