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Once again, Mat has come through with another Shiny Penny, this one also being a Canadian band. Formed in ‘04-’05, Sigma has been creating their own brand of melodic metal music, finally culminating into a full-length they self released in 2008. Melodic and eclectic, 'Of Words And Hope' boasts four very talented musicians, all with varying tastes and influences coming together for a freshmen album that leaves the listener anticipating big things for their follow up.

In all, ‘Of Words...’ is an impressive and daring effort from this yet-to-be signed band, one that impressed even a hardened elitist like myself. Record labels take heed--stop signing every pretty boy band that can hold down a groove tempo. Roll up your sleeves, start digging through the music sewer and you might just find a shiny penny like Sigma. You can listen to a few tracks from Sigma's album 'Of Words and Hope' here. (

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