Shiny Pennies || Hollow- 'Iscariot' Live Video


Sorry kids, no mp3 for this week's Shiny Penny, but hopefully we can get in touch with the band and bring you something at a later date.  Hollow came recommended to me from a Metal Call-Out correspondent Mat, who saw them last week opening for SuidAkrA and Orphaned Land in Montreal.  They made enough of an impression on him to send them my way for review.  

Little is known about Hollow at this point, but that doesn't mean they are not a worthy listen.  From what I can devise from their myspace, Hollow has been playing their own brand of symphonic blackened death metal since ’06 or ’07 and despite immense talent and opening for some pretty big acts (ie. Tyr and Orphaned Land), have neither been signed or broken out very far from their local scene in Montreal.  Yet, here they are, sexing up my speakers all the way in Utah, hopefully to find a wider fan base--in you dear reader--after sampling the video above and checking out their tunes on myspace.  I will skip the superlatives on this one and you can tell us what you think in the comment section.


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