A Brief Review Of The Best Heavy Metal Albums of 2010 (So Far)


I'm just going to jump right in here, I've got a lot of ground to cover:

1. Eluveitie- Everything Remains As It Never Was

Wow. Big shocker here, isn’t it? I only talk about or feature the music of Eluveite every freaking chance I can get, is it really any surprise their early 2010 album, Everything Remains As It Never Was, would make this list? If so, you must be new here so allow me to clarify; I LOVE Eluveitie. 

Every one of their albums (except the acoustic one) get more play from me than my Nintendo, PSP, or any other gaming device I’ve ever owned. Now, if I was Sparks that statement would seem much more impressive, but suffice to say that’s still a lot of play time, damaged ear drums, and rest for my arthritic thumbs. 

Everything Remains... easily accounts for over half of these seemingly wasted hours and with good reason. Eluveite stepped up their already near perfect game with this album and I refuse to call anyone who disagrees with me my friend. Take a listen to a track from the album and read more of my picks after the jump. 


2. Kalmah- 12 Gauge

The nice thing about Kalmah is that you always know what to expect. MDM greatness. MDM greatness from a band that’s lyrical content focuses mainly on swamps and fishing, no less. 12 Gauge was no musical revolution, it was just a solid album.. You could ask for more, but you’d be barking up the wrong tree. I appreciate Kalmah’s latest album for just that -- no fear or anxious anticipation to see which “direction” they were going to go -- just another great Kalmah record to bang your head at. 



3. Heidevolk- Uit Oude Grond

Surprised? Me too, actually. I never thought much of Heidevolk before this release but there was just something that caught my attention and wouldn’t let go until I found myself with this album on repeat for days at a time. 

If you don’t know of Heidevolk I won’t hold it against you. You are aware of the underground, yes? Well they’re there, hidden under a plethora of sub-standard folk outfits leading one to have to seek them out. I highly suggest you do just that. 



4. Anathema- We're Here Because We're Here

Anathema’s metal credibility suffered a pretty big blow a few years back when they changed directions from being one of the tour de forces of doom to the atmospheric rock outfit they are today. Still, that didn’t stop me from following them through their journey and I’m glad I did. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here today telling you about We’re Here Because We’re Here.

WHBWH isn’t metal in the slightest but that wont stop me. I’m sorry for bending the continuity of this article (I’ll probably do it at least one more time before I’m done, though.) but it appeals to this metalhead and i think there are at least of few of you that will find this release right up your alley. 

Just listen. 



5. Levi/Werstler- An Avalanche Of Worms

This is what happens when a guitarist from Daath and another from Cynic get together with a shit-ton of metal riffs and a couple joints (weed, that is). Need I say more?



6. AlcestÉcailles de Lune

Dammit, I love this record! Alcest never, NEVER disappoints me but this album shattered my expectations and sent me into a fury of hitting the “repeat” button and IM’ing all my friends “You gotta check this out, bro!!!”. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favor.  



7. Dark Tranquillity- We Are The Void

I don’t know know where I would be had it not been for DT. They were arguably one of the first melodic death metal bands I heard and through them I’ve discovered enough music to keep me satisfied for a hundred years. 

So naturally, I loved We Are The Void. Sure, it may lack some of the charm of their early work but I don’t care about that. Even if Mikael Stanne went solo and started playing acoustic shoes in coffee shops I would still follow him to the end of the world and back. 



8. Limbonic Art- Phantasmagoria

Limbonic Art’s first record in three years? Yes please. Every damn symphonic black metal band has Limbonic Art and Emperor to thank. Nay, worship. So if you’re a fan of this genre you at least owe it to yourself to give this record, all their records, a listen.



9. Deftones- Diamond Eyes

Not exactly metal, I know, but Diamond Eyes was an amazing album. Rock, metal, and Deftones fans alike should find at least one thing in this album worth their while.

Read Sparks' Deftones - Diamond Eyes Review.



10. Blind Guardian- At The Edge Of Time

Did I save the best for last? I hate to be prejudice to any other album on this list but... yeas, yes I did. At The Edge Of Time was simply some of the best stuff these German power metal titans have released since Nightfall in Middle-Earth

Sweeping orchestral arrangements, Hansi’s greatest vocal performance to date, and the fact that IT’S FREAKING BLIND GUARDIAN make this my favorite album (so far) of 2010 (subject to change).




Albums that haven’t been released yet, but I look forward to hearing:

The Absence- Enemy Unbound (came out today)

Dimmu Borgir- Abrahadabra (September 24)

Cradle Of Filth- Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa (November 1)

Angantyr- Svig (who knows)

Devildriver- Title not yet announced (who knows)


Double Bonus

Discovery of the Year:

Draconian- Arcane Rain Fell


Let us know your top picks in the comments section!

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