Deftones - Diamond Eyes Review


  • Artist: Deftones
  • Title: Royal
  • Album: Diamond Eyes
  • Track: 2
  • Year: 2010
  • Length: 3:32 minutes (8.1 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

SparksFury Rating: 8.5/10

To kick off summer of 2010, Deftones has released their sixth full-length album entitled 'Diamond Eyes'. It’s been over three years since Deftones’ previous album 'Saturday Night Wrist'. And this album is probably one of the better releases since the early days of 'Adrenaline' or 'White Pony'.

Most people have tied the emotions and feelings that are included in this album on the tragic accident that Chi Cheng and the rest of the band has had to endure. After entering a coma in a car accident in November of 2008, the release was put on hold.

Taking the extra time for the release of this album really shows for the maturity and professionalism of the album. The album is very clean musically and vocally. There are strong drum beats, complete guitar riffs and emotional singing all wrapped in a nice little package. This album has a great collection of variety and meaningful songs.

The most popular song on the album and also their single is 'Diamond Eyes'. This song is more like the new school of typical Deftones, a slow melodic chorus with heavy distortion in the background. This song is very similar to others like 'Royal' or 'CMND/CTRL'.

For those who have been following Deftones, it has been quite the transition from their debut album 'Adrenaline' to where they are now. With 'Adrenaline' still being number 1 on my list, this new album has moved quickly to the top of Deftones' best albums. The only drawback I have with the album is there isn’t a song that grabs a hold of me that I keep on repeat. All the songs are great, there just isn’t that one song that I can’t get enough of.

Track List:

Diamond Eyes – 3:08
Royal – 3:32
CMND/CTRL – 2:25
You've Seen the Butcher – 3:31
Beauty School – 4:47
Prince – 3:36
Rocket Skates – 4:14
Sextape – 4:01
Risk – 3:38
976–EVIL – 4:32
This Place Is Death – 3:48

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