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I’ve been remiss for having not mentioned the delightful dark art works of one Travis Smith before today. Or perhaps I have. I’ve done so many of these things now that I can’t really remember. At any rate, Travis Smith is the man and deserves to be mentioned, even if it's twice.

Katatonia- Night Is The New Day

Born in 1970 in California, Smith first started doing cover art for his friends progressive metal band, Psychotic Waltz. Through his connections with them he was able to make his art a full time career. Through his tenure, Smith has created covers for some of YOUR favorite albums and over 100 bands. Including:

Iced Earth
Demons and Wizards
King Diamond
Novembers Doom
Strapping Young Lad

… and too many more to name here. 

Once you become aware of Smith’s works it’s hard not to start noticing them everywhere.  You probably have an album or two (or ten) lying around your house right now that he’s contributed to. For a full list, I'll refer you over to his official homepage and wikipedia

After the jump you can take a look at a few more of his selected works. Chances are, viewing these images will cure you of many ailments and make you more attractive.

So will following us on facebook. Enjoy and you're welcome. 

Eluveitie- Everything Remains(As It Never Was)

Devin Townsend- Terria

Demons & Wizards- Demons & Wizards (Coloring)

King Diamond- Abigail II (The Revenge)

Novembers Doom- The Novella Reservoir

Opeth- Blackwater Park

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