Check Out This Freakin’ Therion Board Game


I’ve never heard Therion before and, in truth, I probably wouldn’t dig ‘em because I’m not really into the whole “steam punk/gothic/whatever” metal scene. They do get mad props from me though, because they’ve teamed up with game designer Marco Valtriani and are immortalizing themselves in a board game. 

The game, titled 011, is an adventure board game set in a parallel 19th century where science and esotericism are combined and the players must battle each other to stop Ragnarök. More info on the game’s plot and release can be seen here, and here. You can also check out some sample game cards after the jump.

You know what would be cooler than this game? A tabletop war game based on Immortal’s lyrics. And, since it’d probably all be set in the icy kingdom of  Blashyrkh, you wouldn’t need to paint over your figurines for different campaigns. If you can hear me out there Abbath, let’s work out my cut of the profits and then get to work making this thing happen.   

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