10 Heavy Metal Albums That Should Be Made Into Movies


Movies and music go hand in hand. That is, movie soundtracks, or the lack thereof, have a huge bearing on the direction and mood of film. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video of horror music being played over select scenes of the beloved children's classic, Mary Poppins. Music is created or compiled for movies daily but sadly the elevator doesn't really go both ways. Apart from a few well knows (Pink Floyd’s The Wall, ect.) albums are rarely made into movies, especially in the metal genre, so I’ve compiled a list of albums that I think should be given the silver screen treatment. 

10. Warning- Watching From A Distance

If made into a movie, Watching From A Distance could go any one of three ways; A) guy and girl fall in love, major relationship falling out, guy observes girl from a distance and remembers the good times while wrestling some serious heartbreak, end scene, tear jerker. B) guy and girl fall in love, falling out, guy’s a creep, stalks girl (collects locks of her hair, steals Burger King wrappers from her trash, ect.), guy ascends into madness and just imagines himself with her, end scene. C) guy and girl fall in love, out of love?, a series of strange dreams and alternate realities occur, back in love?, more strange happenings, last scene of the movie the guy “wakes up”, you leave the theater infuriated at the ambiguity. 

(Clearly option “A” is the most “true” to the album’s atmosphere and lyrics, but I thought I’d take a few liberties with the story (B and C) in true Hollywood fashion.)

9. Ulver- Perdition City

This album is basically the soundtrack of Blade Runner -- which was an awesome movie -- leading me to conclude that if you reversed the process with Ulver at the helm, you’re  probably going to get one kick ass modern film noir classic. 

8. Suidakra- Crógacht

Crógacht is an album that recounts the tragic Irish folktale, The Death of Aife’s Only Son. In the legend a badass warrior (Cú Chulainn) is training overseas to become an even more badass warrior but gets called away and leaves his hoe behind, pregnant with his son. Seven years after Cú Chulainn’s son is born across the great ocean, he comes to visit his father in Ireland. Unsure if the boy he sees was actually forged from his mighty cock juice or not, and despite the warnings from his wife, Cú Chilainn goes ahead and slays his only son with a mystical spear. Dick

Crógacht would make for a cool Gladiator meets Clash Of The Titans style period piece. 

7. Kalisia- Cybion

Cybion is a science fiction concept record made up of a single piece of music split up into twenty sections for the listeners convenience with a story so grand in it’s scope it lead to singer Brett Caldas- Lima actually inventing a language for it. To be perfectly honest I haven’t any idea what this album is really about -- I only catch snippets of the story here and there -- but if the music is any indication of it’s greatness, Cybion would probably kick Avatar’s ass all up and down the cinematic field. 

Listen to some of Cybion now by visiting Kalisia’s MySpace page

6. Draconian- Arcane Rain Fell

Arcane Rain Fell tells the story of the fall of Lucifer from heaven and the subsequent creation of hades.  If made into a movie, I’m thinking the only way to pull it off is to make it a gothic surrealist one, ala The Seventh Seal. Maybe directed by Werner Herzog? 

5. While Heaven Wept- Vast Oceans Lachrymose 

Every time I listen to this amazing album I think of The Princess Bride. Listen to it with that perspective in mind and I think you’ll agree, this album should be made into a movie or The Princess Bride’s soundtrack revised to include a few VOL tracks.  

4. Alcest- (Any Album)

Really any one of Alcest’s albums could be made into a movie, if not all of them. They all follow the same general concept of a voyage through a world Neige created as a child where colors and sounds that do not exist in our own dance around freely. I can imagine a film with two parallel plots, one in this world and another in an imaginary land the protagonist has created to escape his/her own. Think of a mix of The Bridge To Terabithia and Where The Wild Things Are... but not stupid. 

3. Opeth- My Arms, Your Hearse

The concept of Opeth’s 1998 album, My Arms, Your Hearse, follows a heartbroken and recently departed man who’s soul is in constant turmoil over the woman he loves, whom he does not believe greaves his passing. Alternately, you hear the story of the woman who is, in fact, quite devastated by her lovers death and ultimately remains unwilling to even accept his death. 

If i was asked to write a movie treatment for this, I’d probably go with the general concept of the album but keep the man alive because I would hate for it to inadvertently turn into a shit-stain like Ghost

2. Nevermore- Dreaming Neon Black

Dreaming Neon Black tells the story of a man’s brush with insanity after his girlfriend leaves him to join a cult and he begins to have constant nightmares of her calling out to him as she drowns. What’s more, is that it’s based on actual tragic events experienced by Nevermore’s lead singer, Warrel Dane. This album is absolutely one of the most heart-wrenching I’ve ever heard and, if translated to film correctly, has the potential to be a masterpiece. 

1. Ayreon- 01011001

The concept surrounding this album, and all of Ayreon’s work, is, like any great sci-fi epic, far too complex for me to do it any justice here. All you really need to know is that Arjen Anthony Lucassen is a genius and 01011001 is a genius work of art that ties the stories of all seven Ayreon albums together with an impactful and cautionary conclusion. 

Wikipedia has a very good track-by-track break down of the stories on the record, you should defiantly have a look see.


What albums would you like to see made into movies? Let us know in the comments section! 

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