Who Wants To Know More About Primordial’s New Album?


Primordial’s new album, Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand, is ready to go and will be released on April 26 through Metal Blade Records. Is everyone as stoked about this as I am? Good, because it’s going to be excellent. Mark my words.

If you’ll follow me past the jump you can check out the album’s official track listing and cover art.

Unfortunately this was the largest image I could find of the cover art. 300 measly pixels wide. If anyone has a larger image leave us a link in the comments section or email me forthwith. josh[at]metalcallout.com. 


The official track listing for Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand is as follows:

1. No Grave Deep Enough
2. Lain With The Wolf
3. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
4. God's Old Snake
5. The Mouth Of Judas
6. The Black Hundred
7. The Puritan's Hand
8. Death Of The Gods

Bookmark us! More info to follow soon.

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