Kataklysm Is Ready To Release A New Album


It hasn't been too long ago since we heard Kataklysm's latest album 'Waiting for The End To Come'.  Two short year later, they are ready to release a brand new album entitled 'Of Ghosts and Gods'.  This is currently set to release on July 31, 2015 by Nuclear Blast Records.  The band has stated that this new album will be similar to some of their older classic albums like 'Shadows & Dust', 'Serenity of Fire' and 'In the Arms of Devastation'.

You can read the whole statement here:

We haven’t been this excited to release an album in a very long time. 'Of Ghosts & Gods' is set to stand alongside the bands classic records like 'Shadows & Dust,' 'Serenity in Fire' and 'In the arms of Devastation,' it has all the elements that make Kataklysm the force that it is with unrelenting power, melodic hooks, extreme passages and the head stomping grooves Kataklysm is well known for, plus it jumps into new territory in the true nature of the band’s adventurous exploits to push the limit.

The end result will be our fans head banging with their horns in the air and shouting the hymns - and that’s our satisfaction right there., We will be hitting the road this summer with a string of Open-Airs in support of the album which will drop JULY 31st Worldwide. This is a determined Kataklysm like you’ve never seen before, be ready \m/

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