Kataklysm Releases New Album Details


It seems like it wasn't very long ago when Kataklysm released the album 'Waiting For The End To Come'.  That was back in October of 2013.  Now they are in the middle of recording their next album to add to their collection entitled 'Of Ghosts And Gods'.  The new album will be released on in the summer by Nuclear Blast Records.  The band had this to say about the new album:

Kataklysm has been full of inspiration and are in full determination mode lately; a rejuvenated band that is out to conquer the world with no sign of stopping!

This promises to be the album that will once and for all establish Kataklysm as one of the top pioneers of the genre!

The latest material will be touching on some new ground while maintaining the aggressive edge the band has always been known for.

The chemistry with new drummer Oli Beaudoin is incredible, and the four horsemen promise some crushing new material coming your way. Death metal hymns are arriving!

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