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Novembers Doom is working on their new album that will be released later this year.  The new album is called 'Bled White' and will be on shelves on July 15th by The End Records.  Today you can get a taste of the new album with their latest single called 'The Memory Room'.

Novembers Doom vocalist Paul Kuhr had this to say about the album:

The Memory Room' draws a lot of influence from bands like Alice In Chains, creating a specific 'groove' to the riffs. This is something we've always added into Novembers Doom and guitarist Larry Roberts has always added it tastefully-so it fits into what we do, always sounding like us. Another 'positive' song lyrically, with moments of dark. The album Bled White is a roller coaster of sound!

Novembers Doom - Bled White Tracklist

01. Bled White
02. Heartfelt
03. Just Breathe
04. Scorpius
05. Unrest
06. The Memory Room
07. The Brave Pawn
08. Clear
09. The Grand Circle
10. Animus
11. The Silent Dark

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