Behemoth's Second New Trailer for 'The Santanist'


Today Behemoth has released their second trailer to the upcoming album 'The Satanist'.  If you missed the first trailer you can check it out over here.  The new album will be released on February 4th and they are making pre-orders available with special bundles packs that include CD, LP and a T-Shirt.  You can shop all of their bundles at  [].

Behemoth - The Satanist Tracklisting

01. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
02. Furor Divinus
03. Messe Noire
04. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
05. Amen
06. The Satanist
07. Ben Sahar
08. In the Absence ov Light
09. O Father O Satan O Sun!

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