Behemoth- Alas The Lord Is Upon Me (Video Preview)


Behemoth’s latest album Evangelion was so good and prompted such blasphemy that frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski was even arrested.

Alright, so the charges he was arrested on have little to do with the album, but he was acquitted of all charges a few days ago and with the album being so good there is cause enough for rejoicement. Today the band released a trailer of the video for the track Alas The Lord Is Upon Me directed by Dariusz Szermabowicz. The last two Behemoth videos, also directed by Szermabowicz, can easily be described as masterpieces of the eerie and macabre, and based on the trailer above I don’t imagine this video will disappoint.  There is a kind of Omen (the old one with Gregory Peck) feel about this one and it's clear the band knows how to capitalize on the potential creepiness of children (ala- the Omen, Let The Right One It, ect.).

No word yet as to when the full video will be released, but you can count on us to bring it to you as soon as it drops. 

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