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It's getting closer to the release date of Anvil's new album 'Hope In Hell', which is set to hit stores on May 24th. Last week they release their album teaser and a single called "Hope In Hell".  This week they have released another song from the new album called "Mankind Machine". Anvil's frontman had this to say:

"What we do is totally timeless, we've never tried to change our sound or experiment with trends and fashions. We live in our own world and have maintained our individuality and own identity."

Anvil - Hope In Hell Tracklist

01. Hope In Hell
02. Eat Your Words
03. Through With You
04. The Fight Is Never Won
05. Pay The Toll
06. Flying
07. Call Of Duty
08. Badass Rock N Roll
09. Time Shows No Mercy
10. Mankind Machine
11. Shut The Fuck Up
12. Hard Wired (bonus track)
13. Fire At Will (bonus track) 

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