03/08- Heavy Metal News Round Up || Feat. Primordial, U.D.O., Jag Panzer, Insomnium, In Flames, Believer


Fuck yeah! Metal Blade Records finally released some new music today that’ll appear on Primordial’s upcoming record, Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand. The track in question, Bloodied Yet Unbowed, can be heard on the label’s SoundCloud page. And yes, it’s amazing. Go check it out and report back.

April 26 is the big day for this one. Write it on your forehead if necessary. 

Jag Panzer’s new album, Scourge of the Light, is streaming in it’s entirety over at AOL’s Listening Party website. Scourge… is the band’s ninth studio album since their formation in 1981 and the first new music the band has released since an EP in 2005. All that time has done nothing to slow these gentlemen down though; this record is a crucial addition to this legendary band’s impressive catalogue.

Go check it out.

After the jump: U.D.O.’s new single, a new Insomnium record (?!), Believer’s wicked new track, and In Flames officially announce Jesper’s replacement. 

U.D.O., lead by Accept’s ex-front man Udo Dirkschnider, will release a new single, titled Leatherhead, on April 8. Included on the single’s disc will be a number of bonus tracks and two video clips. The full tack listing is as follows:

1. Leatherhead
2. Rock'n'Roll Soldiers 
3. Free Or Rebellion 
4. Run! 
5. Jingle Balls (video clip)
6. Leatherhead (video clip)

Hear this: Insomnium are working on a new album!! This is, of course, great news. Read the band’s press release on this development below:

"The fifth INSOMNIUM studio album is beginning to take shape. We had a three-day training and songwriting session last week and we can now say that we have about eight songs more or less ready. We are entering the studio in April so we should have enough time to finish everything. Some observers commented that the material sounds surprisingly ready taken that this was only the second training session for the new album. We also had a promo shoot with the legendary photographer Stefan de Batselier who has previously worked with some small American names like Johnny Cash and Metallica. Big thanks to Stefan for a nice afternoon! Also thanks to Jussi Ratilainen who is documenting the whole process!"

 Yeah! We will keep you updated as we learn more.

So with the following announcement In Flames is left with out a single original member; Niclas Engelin, who’s been touring with the band for some time, has officially been recruited to be their second guitarist. Engelin is replacing Jesper Stromblad who quit the band in February of last year, and who I think we all hoped would be rejoining later, to receive treatment for alcohol addiction.

Below is the first official photo of the new line up. 


And finally… Check out this new Believer track:

This song, entitled G.U.T., is off the bands forthcoming album Transhuman, which is scheduled for release on April 12 through Metal Blade Records. What'd you think?

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