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Right now you can listen to a new song off Dimmu Borgir’s forthcoming album, Abrahadabra, titled; Born Treacherous here.  I’m sad to report that despite my reluctance to embrace the first track released from Abrahadabra, Gateways, I think I actually like it more than Born Treacherous. This leaves me feeling as hesitant and guarded as ever about the new album. 

All that aside and though it's not enough, I really am loving what the band is doing with all the changes and shifts within the tracks themselves. They are almost chaotically composed, breaking down what I thought I knew about song construction and perhaps diverging on a similar path of epic song structure that Cradle of Filth once walked. There is definite potential here. I just hope in the end I’m not left with the same feeling of the recently deflowered, clutching stale sheets to her chest, asking through the boozy haze; “Was that really it?” -- alone in a roadside motel -- the morning after senior prom. Yikes!

Let us know what you think of the new track in the comments section. Abrahadabra is set to drop September 24 and 27 in Europe and October 12 in North America on Nuclear Blast Records. 

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