Dimmu Borgir- Abrahadabra: Entire New Album Streaming


Psst, check it out; Dimmu Borgir’s entire new album Abrahadabra is streaming on their Myspace page, right now, until this evening at 7 p.m. Pacific time. Not including the previously released tracks, Gateways and Born Treacherous, there is a total of eight new tracks there for you to feat your ears on. 

I’ve only just started listening to the thing and I wanted to post this article before it gets too late so I really don’t have an opinion on the album just yet except what I’ve already said about the two tracks they released in the last few weeks. I know there a few of you out there that are going to have an opinion on this so let’s everyone get your asses over to Dimmu Borgir’s Myspace page and listen, then lets engage in some hearty bashing/praising/ho-hawing in the comments section. Keep in mind that MySpace’s media player is pure shit and compresses the holy hell out of the music it houses, so don’t go in expecting CD quality. 

Abrahadabra is set to be released September 27 in Europe and October 12 in North America on Nuclear Blast Records. 

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