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I’ve been meaning to get to this bit of news here but keep putting it off for another day. So, I imagine because of my untimely manner you all already know Dimmu Borgir has a new album on the way. The artwork for said album can be viewed above, and I’ll echo a sentiment of one of our readers who said “I think this album is the make or break of Dimmu”. It’s really true, they have piqued my interest with tales of over 101 musicians being involved with the album, Lovecraft themes and the big hub-bub with revealing their album cover one section at a time; but this album had better fall nothing short of massive. I've felt underwhelmed with these guys since Enthrone Darkness Triumphant but with regards to my fond memories of this group and general interest in all things symphonic, will probably be giving this album and its developing news a good deal of my attention in the coming months. 

The album is to be titled Abrahadabra and will be released September in Europe and in October to the rest of the world. 

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